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Unfortunately, many divorces are messy and involve accusations on both sides. Red Rocks provides objective verification of claims of cheating, drug and alcohol abuse, and child care while in the custody of a parent. 


Perhaps you believe your spouse is having an affair and you want proof. Our investigators are trained in covert surveillance to track a cheating spouse and provide you with the evidence you desire. In custody cases,  we can watch to see how your ex-spouse may treat your children while in their care. For instance, do they drop your child off with a relative or leave her at home alone while they go to the bar? Or are you concerned with their drug and alcohol use while your child is in their custody? Red Rocks investigators will document undesirable behaviors while your child is being cared for by your ex-spouse.   Lastly, we can document whether your ex-spouse is truly working where they say they are employed. 

Asset Location

Alimony and child support payments are often part of divorce proceedings, and a deceitful ex-spouse may try to hide assets, such as bank accounts, retirement accounts, or property. Red Rocks works with a professional asset recovery team to locate sources of money that may not be disclosed during divorce proceedings. The information gathered during our investigations will help your attorney ask for the proper compensation to which you are entitled. 

About Red Rocks Investigations

Red Rocks Private Investigations is owned and operated by Elizabeth Daerr, a former news editor for a national environmental magazine and the first executive director for the Washington D.C. office of the Center for Inquiry, a national nonprofit promoting science-based policy making. During her time as a journalist, she interviewed a diverse group of high-ranking government officials, environmentalists, and local stakeholders and wrote about controversial issues on federal lands policy. She is a skilled interviewer able to build rapport and gather critical information from her subjects. As executive director, Elizabeth managed major projects such as membership growth, events and fundraising for the organization’s public policy office. Today, she uses all these skills primarily to locate witnesses and conduct investigations for personal injury attorneys. 

            Elizabeth holds a B.S. in journalism from CU-Boulder and is a graduate of the PI Academy of the Rockies. In addition, she is a member of the Colorado Society for Private Investigators, and is certified by Johns Hopkins University as a COVID-19 Contact Tracer. 

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