Elizabeth Daerr

Fighting for you.

At Red Rocks Private Investigation, we know every case is unique. You may be concerned about your safety, the safety of your children, or for your future well being.  With a woman's compassion, we will work to make sure you have the answers you need and the peace of mind you desire in your current  situation. Conversations with our investigators are always confidential, and integrity is top priority at Red Rocks. 

Why I became a P.I.

Good, credible information is important to making any decision. As a former journalist, I am trained to find the most objective and accurate information. As a licensed private investigator, I am able to access information not always available to the public. My goal is to help others who may not have the means, time, or expertise to find the information they desire or need to improve their life.  

Andersen Law P.C.
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We can help with all your private investigations. 

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